Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

that darned cat

At 2:30 this morning, Zoey went nuts. She was walking all over me and whining and knocking shit off shit and walking all over me and whining and knocking shit off shit. Finally I got up and went to the kitchen and dumped a whole package of wet catfood into her dish. She usually is happy with half but I was too sleepy to fuck with portions. She then left me alone and I went back to sleep.

I hadn't heard a word from her this morning and just went to the closet and found her lounging (and shedding) on my t-shirt stack. I think she has issues. I know I have cat issues.

I signed up for an Amazon Prime credit card. It's for Amazon only purchases but you get 5% back on all of them - Amazon or 3rd party. It's a test. I think it might be good to have Amazon purchases segregated. The interest rate looks amazingly high to me but I don't ever carry a balance on any credit card for more than a couple of weeks so I don't care what the interest is. I care what the rewards are. I have been using an Amazon Chase card which can be used anywhere but the reward isn't as great. However, I do like Chase's back end support. Easy to follow my account and make payments so I doubt I will abandon them.

This morning the ballgame is at 10 am so I think I'm going to head out to the pool. I record the game but I don't want to give it too much of a head start because twitter will ruin the watching. So ... off to the pool now.
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