Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I swapped texts with my favorite lifeguard about my doing early morning swim at the city pool today so I did not want oversleep. So I woke up about every hour from 1 to 6. It was good to be back in the clear, deep water and see old swimming buds.

But, the road outside is a mess. Between car and building is an obstacle course. Inside, it was the little things, the rough concrete floors, the lack of water pressure in the showers, the having to bring my own soap and shampoo and towel. And it's so loud and frenetic. As I was leaving, all the kids were coming in for their summer swim and whew. So, I was glad I did it. And I will be even gladder to get back to my cool, quiet, tiled pool with clean showers and fabulous water pressure.

My Spiriva ran out this morning and Walgreens said it was still on hold. FUCK. So I called again. And finally. Their website says it is in process which ain't shipped but is better than on hold. Maybe someday.

I think today will be a trip to the Japanese market. It's cloudy out and cool and, hopefully, will stay that way for a while and I'm out of almond cookies and I need a stalk of celery and a walk.

I'm conjuring up a couple of fleece wintertime apparel items. One for sitting on the bed before and after sleep while I'm internetting. And one for other times. They need to cozy up to my neck but in a way they can be unfastened and lie away from it when I get too hot. They need gloves (fingerless) built into the sleeves. The bed one needs to be short. I'm not sure if it's a jacket or a cape.

Clearly there is more thinking that needs to happen here. Plus it's hard to imagine having to get warm when it's so hot!
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