Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This is how you keep customers and/or get them back

There's a yarn/knitting webstore that I like a lot. I like their website. I like their yarns. I love their colors.

I signed up for the email list and then regretted it. I tried so many times to unsubscribe and failed. I finally wrote to them on Monday (today is Wednesday). I filled out a form on their website and said:

I know you care about your brand and I thought you might be interested in how it feels from a customer's side. I signed up for your newsletter a while back but, seriously, too many emails.

Finally, about 2.5 weeks ago, I decided to unsubscribe. Nearly daily now I get a new newsletter/email and click on unsubscribe and go to your website and click yes and then unsubscribe. Yes, I go through the whole process every day and have for the last 2.5 weeks.

I get that you are not looking to piss me off on purpose. But, I also get that the software you are using for sending out emails is seriously flawed and making Knitpicks anything I ever want to see in my email again - so, therefore, I'm not inclined, at all to order because I know I can do nothing to turn off the email spigot.

I don't buy much so I'm not going to hurt your business by not using it but I thought you might want to know.I'm setting up a filter to send any email that has the word 'knitpicks' in it to the trash folder.

This morning, I got this email with the subject line of Out apologies for the emails:

Hello Susan,

My name is Aaron and I handle the bulk of the subscription emails that Knit Picks sends out. I wanted to take a moment and formally apologize to you for the inconvenience you’ve experienced. I myself have had this happen with other companies as well and I know how aggravating it is. I also realize how unprofessional it can make us look.

Over the next week I’ll be taking a closer at our email unsubscribe code to make sure it is working properly. I sure don’t want anybody to roll their eyes when they see a Knit Picks email in their inbox!

I have manually unsubscribed you from our send lists and you will no longer receive Knit Picks emails. We do have an email going out tomorrow so if you receive it, please email me so I can look in to it further.

Finally, thank you very much for your very constructive and polite email. Your kindness is much appreciated.

With warm regards and sincere apologies,
Aaron Taggart
Web Developer
Knit Picks

Notice how he put a space between knit and picks and, therefore, avoided my filter? Color me impressed in many different ways. Filter is now killed and Knit Picks is back on my go to list when I need special yarn.

When customer service is good, there is nothing better.
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