Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swimming my face off

Spending more than an hour a day in the bromine pool is taking its toll on my face in the form of red blotches. Chlorine dries out all my skin pretty completely. So do I want to itch all over my body or have a clown face? hmmmmmm I have some cream from my doctor that might just clear it up. I just need to remember to put it on when I get out of the shower. Meanwhile I guess I'll put my modeling career on hold.

I may go back to the chlorine pool tomorrow... for a one day change and to see my old buds. Maybe.

Our high temperature today is supposed to be 72 degrees. That's way more like it. I need to make sure I get my ass out on the street for a walk this afternoon. If the clouds continue, the chances are good. Yesterday the sun was out all day and so I was not. I did make a couple of trips around the building but not enough.

This morning it's off to the pool as usual. On the way home I need to stop at Trader Joe's and then swing by the library to drop off a CD. If I remember. Fortunately, it's not due for another week or so so I have ample forget forgiveness.
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