Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back to school treats

My office/school supply fedish begins to rear its ugly head this time of year as retail outlets start luring me in with Back to School Specials. Fie on you.

Except you, Staples... I failed to snag a cheap large android tablet at last week's Amazon sale but today I found a 13.3 incher - even better - complete with case and bluetooth keyboard on special at Staples for $109. Snagged me one of those puppies. Only after hitting Buy and completing the deal did I focus on the fact that Staples isn't Amazon. If this sucker's a dud, I think I'm probably hosed. But... nothing ventured...

I kept hearing cool and keep thinking cool and kept forgetting that 15 degrees cooler than 95 degrees is still fucking hot. Door's closed, air conditioner on. Speaking of which... I got my first electric bill since I've been running it pretty much non stop. It is 50% of what it was with the old unit. There'$ a lot to be $aid for energy efficiency!

Walgreens website, as dicey as it is, shows that maybe this morning's call fixed things after all. Half the time the website is down. The other half the time it does not give you the correct info. And they send out emails saying we're processing your order and gives me the order number but there's no way to track the order number on their website. The website has RX numbers but the email does not. HIPPA ain't doing me any favors either.

The rest of the day has been a little of this and a little of that and mostly following the shiny. It's a perk of retirement. I killed an hour this afternoon because I clicked on one link just out of curiosity. I took a shopping bag down to the car and ended up cleaning out and rearranging car stuff.

My hair cutter place is Rudy's Barber Shop. Today, they tweeted:

Want a free haircut? Seeking models for get free cuts and color by licensed stylists interviewing at Rudy's. Email

I sent an email:

If you really want to test a candidate with a huge challenge, pick me.

I am old, female and I have really fragile hair that is already short but only in places. It's thin and sparse and right now looks like the nursing home attendant forgot the hair cutter's phone number when it was my turn to get a cut.

I'm cool if you want to test them on color - any color. And I have hats if the candidate fails the test.

Oh and I'm retired so I can come any time you need me.

I crack myself up. I cannot believe they pick me and I hate getting my hair cut so why the hell would I do this? No idea. I really have no idea.
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