Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another week another call to Walgreens

Walgreens is the mail order pharmacy that my insurance uses. Once you get a new prescription set up, it works nicely. But getting a new prescription set up can be worse than crawling over cut glass... such is my new Spiriva prescription. I have figured out how to bypass their annoying telephone tree and most of the people who answer the phone are sharp and all of them are very nice. But still. geesh. I'm hoping today's call fixed everything but I won't know for at least a day.

I got an email this morning from Misfit - the company that makes my original fitness band. My name is Evelyn and I'm part of the Special Projects team here at Misfit. I noticed that you've been very active with your Misfit device this past month, so I wanted to personally reach out to you and say thank you! As a token of my appreciation, I would like to send you one of our Fitness Notebooks.

This cracks me up. And delights me. I'm sure there are many who would find it totally creepy and violating. Not me. I think it's very cool. My only issue is that I'd really rather have a colorful band than an old fashioned notebook. I am pretty darned obsessive about my fitness bands and I love being surprise rewarded.

My other band is the one that I'm now using for an alarm. And that's working great. I'm usually awake before it vibrates so it's more like a time reminder. Telling my Echo to play NPR is also working perfectly. Except... One of our NPR station has long had a way too long, annoying advertisement that comes on before NPR so I've always listened to the other one. This week the other one adopted the same annoyance. I think I'll probably go back to the one in Los Angeles. I like their local announcers better anyway. I do love my Echos.

For some reason I kept thinking about my maternal grandmother yesterday. I was sitting crosslegged in my bluejeans at my computer at age 66. My grandmother was one of the world's nicest, funnest, sweetest people in the whole world. She was born in 1897 so she was 66 when I was in high school. She was raised in Dallas, Texas and spent most of her adult life in Oklahoma City. Google showed me photos of Dallas in the 10's, 20's and 30's and Oklahoma City in the 40's. So fascinating to think about. She died at 85. I never saw her in jeans or anything other than a skirt or a dress. I never saw her sitting crosslegged or any way other than both feet on the floor.

The summer Oklahoma City got air conditioning on their buses, I was 6. My parents were off on a kid free vacation and we were staying at grandma and grandpa's house. We had many adventures but the very best on is one of my best memories. She marched me and my sister (age 5) and my brother (age 2) down to the bus stop where we got on on of those air conditioned buses and rode it all over town until we were back to where we started. I remember the bus driver who thought the idea was hilarious. At the end of the route we were the only ones on the bus. And the driver and grandma let us sit in all the seats. It was the most fun you can possibly imagine.

I can hear granda saying about my life "my, my, my, isn't that just amazing?" Cracks me up to think about it.

It's supposed to be way cooler today and so far it is. It feels amazing so far. Air conditioner off and door open. Tomorrow is forecast to be even cooler. So nice.

I can hear all the people in the Seahawks Stadium parking lot. They are lined up in hopes of getting one of the few single tickets available for cheap ($62). There are way more people out there than available tickets.

Nothing that has to be done today. There will be swimming, of course. And baseball (at 4pm). And one last episode of House of Cards. Saving it for Summer was a great idea. I hope I remember how great it was and have enough self control to do it again next year.

Oh crap, some dude is out there now on a microphone leading cheers. It is clearly time for me to go swim.
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