Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I headed out to the pool first thing and got there just as they were opening up. The pool is a 3 laner but one of the lane lines snapped off at one end and was just floating around. I was the first in so I took the one lane left and the next people that came dragged the broken line out. Towards the end of my swim, I was the only one in the pool and I amused myself swimming all over the pool which I could do if all lane lines were in but was more fun without them. I am easily amused.

When I left for the pool, I noticed that there were people lined up at the front gate to Seahawks stadium. On the way home there were people out in parking lots near Safeco advertising Event Parking and some action about the entry ways. And then even more people in the Seahawks stadium line. WTF?

Twitter noodle it out for me. One of the Seahawk players is hosting a charity softball game in the baseball stadium. And... the line outside the football stadium is waiting for tomorrow at 10am when a block of cheap football tickets go on sale.

Made breakfast, ate it, washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and now I'm watching the baseball game and soon I will be knitting, too!

The sun is out strong and hot. I'm grateful for my dark window shades and my air conditioner.
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