Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was able to get yesterday's cough attack under control finally. It took about a half hour before I could take a deep breath safely. That's about par. Keeping the attack spreadsheet has really helped my mental health. While I always know my lungs are crap, it's reassuring to know that actual attacks don't happen that often. And that things on that front have gotten better and not worse.

Baseball starts again today as does the hot weather. The hot weather looks like it might only be for the weekend which would be doable.

Nothing big going on here. Struggling still with Walgreens over one of my inhalers. They are now saying the instructions from the doctor's office say 1 dose every day instead of 2 which means they cannot send me the 3 inhalers for 3 months. So he has to fix. I sent an email to his office last night. It will get fixed and is not huge. I still have some of the old stuff I can use if my current inhaler runs out.

My yarn supplier had a free shipping day today and it was very welcome. My stash is needing a shot in the arm. I almost considered placing an order the other day and paying for the shipping. Rescued!

I think it's now a good time to go swim.
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