Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ohmygodwhat a mess

Before the apocalypse, the  waterfront, on a week day morning, even in tourist season was a nice, flat, quiet stroll with the city on one side and the open waters of Elliot Bay on the other. There might be beautiful ships to see. About 5 blocks from my house is an elevator that takes you right up to Pike Place Market.

So today's experience was even more jarring than my low expectations prepared e for. I mean UGH. They did not stop working, they just built foot bridges across the construction. It is so loud and so horrible and so not COPD friendly.

This is taken from one of those foot bridges.

I stopped at Ivars which is an old Seattle staple and got some calamari for lunch. You had to shout your order to be heard and you had no way of hearing anything back. I cannot image how they are going to make enough money to compensate employees who sue them for hearing loss. And the fries were cold. But the iced tea was actually exceptionally good.

After lunch I walked up towards town to get away from the mess but most of it is under construction, too. I am so glad to be home.

On the up side... Both fitness bands are rewarding me for hitting my goal for the day. And I tried out the insoles that my doctor prescribed. When I first started out it felt like I was walking with a marble in my shoe but I quickly forgot all about them and my feet feel fine.

And... even walking through dust and in bright sun which was way hotter than they promised... I did not have to stop one single time to catch my breath. This is huge. Really huge.
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