Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Danger, Will R.

So while I was swimming today, I was thinking new couch. What would I do with the eggplant bean couch. Oh, wait! I can put it at the foot of the bed!! What do I do with the bench at the foot of the bed. This one took me a whole lotta laps and then I came up with it... Put it in front of the fireplace!

Ooops now there is a clear path to new couch which I do not want to buy yet... Oh and Plus. The store is in the same mall as Sears. I bought some shoes from Lands End which I am sure will need to be returned (they arrive today) to Sears.

Seriously, world, I need to hold off buying a new couch. Smart Cars don't get quarterly oil changes and stuff, just one checkup a year and depending on age and mileage, it might cost $300 or $1600.

When I first got my smart car, the dealership was run by this really nice company and one of the customer people was kind enough to send me a maintenance schedule for 6 years... In 2012, the schedule looked like this:
Screenshot 2015-07-16 at 10.37.12 AM

In my case the above translates to 10K=2012, 20K=2013, 30K=2014 and 40K=THIS YEAR. I'm guessing that $775 will be $1000 or more in 2015 dollars. (In addition to inflation, the dealership was sold to not friendly people who really like to find more critical costly things you must have). This happens in August/September. And must come before couch.

But even before that is my waterfront walk. Today did not turn out to be the cool, cloudy day I was hoping for but WTF, I'm mentally committed so I'll put on my sun hat and give it a shot.
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