Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday's new Echo caused a rearrangement of electronics that have been in place for years and years. I've been retired now for 3 years. The last decade or so before I retired, I had the radio alarm set for 5. When I retired, I set it for 6. I used it for the 3 days a week I needed to get to the pool by 6:30. But now even that is gone. Yesterday, I turned the alarm off and moved it to the fish room.

My Mi Band vibrates slightly now at 6:15 - easy to ignore, if I want. The new Echo sits on the nightstand. This morning, when I was ready, I just said 'Amazon, turn on KPLU' and I listened to the news in the dark for a bit. I think it's going to work great.

Having the one up high broadcasting to the whole place was ok but required my yelling at it. This way, I don't have to yell and don't have to have the volume up so high. Much nicer.


The Walgreens mail order website now shows my new inhaler prescription as costing me $3.60 instead of the $750.00 it was showing. Whew. On the other hand they keep showing me that I need to reorder an inhaler I no longer use and they doubled up an order for one of my other prescriptions. They're act tries but never really gets it right. Once the new inhaler ships - probably tomorrow - I'll call about the rest. I have learned that trying to fix multiple issues in one call rarely works.


Today I'm off to the pool even a little earlier than usual. When I get back from my swim, I'm going to strap on my walking shoes and stroll down to check out the waterfront. I want to be able to enjoy it before the sun/heat comes out.

I think I'll hit the road right now.
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