Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, HGTV

I was just watching Yet Another House/Home show on HGTV when the designers on a couch hunt found my next couch for me!! I hope Lovesac will understand that they money/concession they paid for product placement is going to pay off!  I've been wanting a new sofa for the living room. I love the way the one I have looks.

But it's not at all comfortable to sit on for anything more than a quick chat. I'd love to have an alternative in here for sitting, napping, whatevering. And it means the eggplant bean sofa needs to be replaced. But I've never seen or heard of anything that would work in the small space.

Now I have!! And Lovesac has a store just up the road here in a suburb north of Seattle so I can go look and sit and talk to sofa turkey in person.

Looks like what I want is going to come out at about 3 grand. So some savings need to happen first. This year my annual car check is going to be pricey so it will need to be after that... maybe a Christmas present.

But, at least I found what I want. Yeah!
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