Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just got lucky.  I wanted a second Amazon Echo. Research showed they would go on sale today at $50 off.  I remembered and checked when I got up and nope. And then I checked about 30 minutes later and there it was so I hit buy. It didn't work right away but finally, I got it into my cart and was able to buy - with free delivery today.  Yeah!

Then I saw on Twitter that they were sold out. I checked again and yep, they were wait listed. I hit enter again and discovered the waitlist was full! Whew. Apparently the window of opportunity was open for a second and I sailed through at just the right time. Kind of makes the purchase a little sweeter. Certainly nice way to start the day.

But that wasn't the nicest thing that happened today (and, keep in mind, it's not yet 8 am)... I just got a text from Sophie, my favorite lifeguard at my old pool. She says that she misses me and everyone has been asking where I was. Ahhhhh I replied that maybe I'd come on Friday and, turns out, she won't be there so I think I'll hold off and go one day when she, and my other buds, are there... maybe Wednesday. But, nice to be missed enough that someone lets you know.

I do miss the deep end and while it will be nice to swim in the clarity of chlorine. I have gotten used to bromine and it feels more gentle on my skin than chorine. But it will be fun to go back for a visit/swim.

I live a block from the edge of Elliot Bay from which I could, conceivably, swim to Hawaii. Up until a couple of years ago, I could easily walk the short block from here to the water's edge. But, then they fucked that up. They are digging a tunnel through the city and it starts there. And, actually, stops there as about a year ago the tunnel boring machine failed and they haven't gotten it going again. Seattle's trying to beat the horrible record of Boston's Big Dig. They've got a great shot.

Plus, the sea wall, there at the water's edge is also getting a massive overhaul so the lovely walk from my house down the waterfront has been fucked up totally. All but a few of the businesses had to shut down for the sea wall thing. It's a horrible, ugly mess. That is - shockingly (right) - behind shedule. They were supposed to have finished before this summer but they are not even close. As a nod to tourism and economics they have stopped work for the summer and built some kind of work around for people to actually get to the waterfront on foot. On paper it looks like a wet hot mess. But, I haven't seen it for myself.

I keep forgetting to go check it out. The tunnel thing blocks easy access but I can still get there in a nice, flat walk. I've been waiting for a cool-ish weekday to go and tomorrow looks like the day. Today, I think, will be too warm.

The big news this afternoon/evening around here is a One Direction concert at the stadium across the street. I saw them setting up a farm of porta potties and lots of queue fences yesterday so I knew something was up. And, turns out, One Direction is it.

I have to say that I have enjoyed the time off from Mariner losses. Tonight and tomorrow night and then we're back in the saddle. 
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