Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And a little more...

When I got done with my swim, it was cloudy and almost a little sprinkly - my perfect weather. Invigorating. I went to the library which is just as charming as ever. They've made a few changes since I was there last but nothing really big. I found my hold and liberated it without issue.

Then I went to the Goodwill. The space behind the driver's seat has been full of Goodwill donations for a week now. I got those all donated and then decided to go in and see about replacing Zoey's broken dish.

I've started parking in the far corner of parking lots lately. Especially when the weather is so good. It's way easier to find a spot and to then find the car plus I get a little leg stretching in for free! So I parked in the farthest corner and wandered around the store looking at all the fun stuff. I did find a very good set of 3 Zoey dishes. Flat with a nice lip around the edge. Small with some heft. When I got home, I fed her in one of her new dishes and it worked out perfectly.

I saved season 3 of House of Cards for the 4 day baseball all star break. I watched the first episode last night. 12 more to go. I'm so glad I saved it. But, before I get to episode 2, I have a podcast from this weekend that needs watching.
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