Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday's sun killed any outside adventures but I did some inside walking. One fitness band hit the goal but I was about 500 steps away from hitting it on the other band so before I went to bed, I walked up and down the hall until it vibrated 'ok! now you can go to bed!!'. I am a slave to not one but two fitness bands.

The Mi Band syncs with Google Fit which gives it a big advantage. I was really believing that the Shine was losing and would eventually be abandoned but... over the weekend the app got a very excellent update. So now the pros and cons of both are pretty much even steven. So I continue to wear both. On the up side, while being driven by these things is ridiculous, the result is I am at least moving more than I have in years. Not so bad, that.

Changing pools means changing libraries. I have a hold to pick up today and, while there are actually three branches in West Seattle, I decided to go back to the Beacon Hill branch which is one of my favorites. It's exceedingly easy to park and hop in and out. Plus it's just charming. It is converted from an old Safeway only you'd never guess it by looking at it. It's on the crest of a hill and when you get out of the car and look west you get a beautiful snow capped mountain view. When you look east you get yet another beautiful snow capped mountain view. It delights me every time.

So, first this morning, there will be a swim and then a stop at that library. And, then I'm not sure what. No baseball until Friday which after yesterday's game is a good thing. The manager, after the game, said it was the worst one yet and saying that about a Mariner game is really saying something. Good time for a break.
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