Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I was promised clouds!

Just as I stepped outside to walk up to the International District the fucking sun came out. A study of the sky revealed it was not a one time peak. So I walked around a couple of blocks and came home. If it clouds up later, I may go again but not in the sun - it hurts my eyes and steals my cool.

My swim was great. Last Sunday the pool was full the whole time I was in it. Yesterday, pretty much the same. Today, I swam for 50 minutes all by myself. Then another swimmer popped in. I swam for another 20 minutes and she got out right after I did. Wonder where everyone else was?

I decided to register in Instagram so I could follow some artists I found. For a long time, the only way to log in was through Face Book which I refuse to go anywhere near. But now, you can set up an account with your email address. Except that one of the many susandennis bimbos out there already set up her account with my email address. She follows Ellen, Oprah and Taylor Swift and two people with the last name of Dennis. Or rather she followed. Now she follows mostly artists.

I'm not wild about the web interface and definitely would not use it on my phone so I think my interest is pretty short lived. I can follow any accounts I really am interested in via RSS in my feed reader.

When I got back from swimming and all through breakfast, Zoey was Patsy The Pest again. I finally gave her even more wet food and now she's calmed down again. I think she may have some food issues...
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