Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool was full - a swimmer in each lane - when I got there. I picked the guy who kind of looked the most willing to share and joined in. People came and went while I swam but the last guy got out right when I did.

I got my shower and got dressed and stowed my stuff in the car and headed up the hill. The pool windows were on my way and I looked in. 2 people swimming by then.

I made it up the hill without much trouble after all. I had to stop once but that was really to look up something on my phone. I was in pretty good shape all the way. The festival took up 4 long city blocks and I walked them all. It was early so not a lot of people yet and vendors were ready to pounce on anyone who slowed down but the stuff was interesting. I was tempted to buy a couple of things but didn't, apparently, have on my spendy pants so kept on walking.

At one point my fitness band that vibrates went off like mad and my phone then started with the notifications... I hit my goals for the day and everybody on my wrist and in my pocket was having a little party! It cracked me up.

Between the festival and the gym is a grocery store so I stopped in there to get some water and ended up wandering around enjoying the air conditioning. Outside it is not hot but is a little muggy. Could be way worse so I am not complaining at all.

Then I hiked down the hill to my car and came home. I'm impressed and delighted that I was able to walk that far and that long without stopping. Tomorrow, I intend to replicate the experience over in the international district at their festival.

But, for now, my feet are up for a bit of a rest.

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