Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The most randomest

machupicchu posted a picture this morning on G+ about it finally being cool enough to wear pants.

I don't know if it's a regional thing or a generational thing but I've always thought pants were pants. There are long pants (aka slacks or jeans or khakis) and there are short pants (aka shorts or cutoffs or bermudas). If someone says they are not wearing pants, to me that means they are buck naked (or maybe wearing underwear).

But, I have learned that the generally accepted convention is that pants are always long pants and not wearing pants could easily mean someone is buck naked, wearing underwear, wearing a bathing suit or or or wearing shorts/cutoffs/bermudas. I get this but I still have to do simultaneous translation in my head.


A store not far from here tweeted that their local post office was closed for the second day in a row due to some computer error. The word on the street last February was that the closet post office to here (and to that store) had lost their lease and might close if they could not find another spot. But, I had not heard much about it since then and never was any date mentioned.

I googled and lo and behold Google told me in that left hand section of extra info, that the Pioneer Square post office was 'closed permanently'. Neither of my fitness bands had hit their daily goal so I put my shoes on and went to investigate.

1. It's not at all closed. They had no customers but it was wide open and they were advertising PO boxes to rent.
2. I got home and clicked 'if this is wrong, please report'.
3. Then I saw that they were talking about the post office in China Town - same street, 5 blocks west. Ooops.
4. It really is very pleasant out. Cloudy and mercifully not hot.
5. While I was walking I was struck by what Not A Big Deal it was. I was walking at a nice clip with zero breathing problems. None. I did not have to stop and catch my breath once. Just last January, I would have never even considered walking over there even if I had something I had to mail. Plus, I probably couldn't have done it without several stops to rest and breath. Kind of cool, actually.
6. These damn bands are STILL not at their goal yet. They are torturing me.
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