Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Postus Interuptus

Well LJ went down just when I hit 'Post'. I was able to get a copy and paste it safely elsewhere.

[edit later] Turns out it did post. Now I have redundant redundancy...


I just dug through this journal to find out when I started doing the early morning swims - it was just about this time two years ago. I had spent about 3 years doing aqua exercise classes and one day decided I wanted to do laps. I bought a lesson at the city pool and just started... For a while I did both - the exercise classes and laps on alternating days but it wasn't long before I just gave up the classes and did laps every day.

I discovered the early morning Monday/Wednesday/Friday swims and except for a couple of trips to CES, I've been there every single Monday/Wednesday/Friday since ... until today.

Last Monday the pool had an emergency closure. When I went back on Wednesday, I said to Sophie, the lifeguard, 'why didn't you send me a text letting me know?' She had a very lame response. This morning, she sent me a text asking where in the heck I was... Nice of her to miss me but it's lovely to get up at my leisure and know that the pool is ready for me whenever I am ready.

And I'm about ready now. It's supposed to be much cooler today. I'm sitting on my bed with the laptop and it's sure not much cooler in here. I am so over this Summer already.

I think I'll go have a bowl of cereal in front of the air conditioner and then make my way over to the pool.


Now I'm back from my very excellent swim. I listened to a Ted Talk podcast for about half of it and music for the rest. I mostly had the pool to myself. And there were no traffic or parking issues at all. I would not have even known there was a thing going on a few blocks away.

It is way cooler today. Not cool enough for me but way better than it has been. And tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler yet. Yeah!
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