Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Plan change?

So just when I decide to make the LA Fitness my every day pool, I just discovered that there is a 3 day street blocking festival 3 blocks from the gym. I hit the panic button when I first figured this out but then I realized that the way streets are laid out and the timing will more than likely make it a nothingburger swim wise.

The fest doesn't start until 10. Even when I take time for breakfast, I'm halfway done or more by 10 so my parking won't be affected at all. Plus, Saturday promises to be cloudy and not reach 80 degrees so maybe I'll make a walk up to the fest and explore after my swim.

I've been doing little house stuff all afternoon. It's always more satisfying to take care of stuff like that when the house is so clean from Amira's visit yesterday. I took the entire litter box chest apart and cleaned up everything - emptied out the litter and cleaned the box and the scraper and then relined the chest with plastic and put everything back in. Zoey is not the tidiest in her litter box habits.

The chest is the size of a giant toy chest. It holds an oversized litter box, a big jug of litter, a little trash can lined with a closeable plastic bag for the dirty litter and the scraper. I bought it a decade ago and it's kind of showing its age. I spent a fair amount of time today investigating replacement options. After that, I decided it had a few more good years left in it. It keeps the whole business hidden which I really like.

I stopped by resident manager's office this afternoon. He is the lead for getting our Front Door TV Network back. It enables us to see who's at the front door, our TV's. Comcast abandoned it when they dropped their analog signal. But Wave Broadband, the other cable company, has said they will set it up for us for free according to Michael, the resident manager. He said there has been miscommunication for when. His plan is to test it out in his unit. I told him today that I'd be happy to also be a tester.

It would be a very timely and wise move for Wave. They came in last year and got a lot of people to switch from Comcast to them. I was one of them. We all got a 12 month special price. When that 12 months is over, they will cost about twice as much as Comcast. They are way easier to deal with and way more solid in terms of signal but I'm not sure they are good enough to warrant double the $$. BUT if they add a channel for Front Door TV Network, I will have a real hard time going back to Comcast and I'm sure I won't be the only one. Fingers are crossed.
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