Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

my own meme

I have never participated in a meme and don't intend to start now, really but... I'm reading and enjoying a lot of random fact entries and decided to add one of my own to this journal PLUS... I intend to just add random facts here and there as I think of them. Here is the starter set.

1. My family had a Nash Rambler the year that Beep Beep came out. It was our family song for a long time.

2. I was born in Brooklyn in 1949. The first of three children born to my parents who ended up being married to each other for 52 years.

3. I went to (and graduated from) a private girls boarding high school in the south in the 60's.

4. I got my drivers license on the day I turned 16. It was a major life milestone.

5. I thought professional hockey was field hockey until I was in college and learned to my total amazement that those dudes were playing field hockey while ice skating! Holy impossible, batman.

6. As a family, we often sang What a Friend We Have in Mother to the tune of What a Friend We Have in Jesus. As I think back now, it was Mom who generally kicked that off. hmmmm

7. My first (and one of the very few) musical concerts I went to was a free Peter, Paul and Mary concert on the lawn at Wake Forest College (which was near the house) in probably 1964 or 65.

8. I bungy jumped in New Zealand where bungy jumping was born.

9. I worked at IBM for 15 years and left in 1994 when they moved my job to Phoenix (no thank you). It was generally accepted, even then, that leaving IBM before retirement age was not only disloyal but stupid in every way. (That thinking had been the prevailing attitude since IBM's inception but changed pretty quickly about the time I left.)

10. I have been fat all my life but until the age of 50, I hid it mostly by not eating anything delicious. My eating choices today are based on taste alone. And I weigh 220 pounds which is at least 80 but more likely 100 pounds too many for my 5'4" height.

11. I am a skilled and creative cook but I hate doing it so I really don't. I heat.

12. I had my appendix out when I was 16 on the night before final exams. Sweet timing, I thought. I had my tonsils out when I was 17. I broke my arm when I was 12.

13. I read every one of the the Nancy Drew mysteries and waited with baited breath until the next one came out and I had a dollar to buy it with. The most memorable part of every one of those books was when Nancy got her purse stolen. She waltzed into the store and bought a new one as well as a new wallet and new lipstick. As a kid I found that to be the true mark of an adult and totally in sync with my aspirations.

13. From the time I entered 7th grade until the time I graduated from high school, I read Gone With The Wind every winter and Desire every Summer.

14. I was out of college before any of my parents' parents died.

15. My immediate family is only me and my brother and my sister (who I haven't communicated with in a decade) and one cousin who I communicate with only slightly more than my sister. That's it. No parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles are still alive now.

16. My ex husband was 21 years older than I am. He died this past January. We divorced in the early 80's but I can't remember exactly when. I was wife #2 out of, I think, 4.

17. I like most every food except coconut and lima beans.

18. I smoked cigarettes for 40 years. I enjoyed every single one. I now have COPD.

19. My high school provided us with weekly life seminars our senior year. One was on smoking etiquette and one was on how to terminate domestic employees. I don't remember the rest.

20. I cannot carry a tune but I know all the words to nearly every song that was popular from about 1955-1971. After 1971, I know nothing musically.
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