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Susan Dennis


My housecleaner and her daughter are here right now doing their magic. I gave her a raise this week. She gave me her price of $75 way back when I first hired her 6 or 7 years ago. At one point about 4 years ago I started paying her $80 a week because, frankly, making sure I had $5 bills on hand was a PIA. Today I bumped her up to $100. I probably should have done it a couple of years ago. She should, by all rights, manage her own cost of living increases and just tell me when her price goes up but I know she never will. I always leave her money on the bulletin board so I don't have to be here. Today I left her a note encouraging her to enjoy her raise. Based on the huge fuss of gratitude I got when we went up $5, I'm sure there will be fireworks.

But, I'm also looking forward to my oh so very clean house.

I think I might give up the city pool for a while. I swam at LA Fitness on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Today, back at the city pool, I missed the quiet, adultness of the LA Fitness pool. Plus, while the city pool is pretty cheap $3.50 a swim or $45 a month (senior rate), LA Fitness is free. It takes me about the same amount of time to get to each pool but the ride to LA Fitness is easier. And I can go on my schedule pretty much. Because of traffic, it wouldn't be too smart to go much before about 7:15 but otherwise, any time the rest of the day is good. Plus it's so easy to pop into Safeway, QFC, Trader Joe's, the drug store and a dozen other places before or after my swim.

My fitness Battle of the Bands continues and, there also, the new, cheaper one is pulling out ahead... Turns out, it syncs with Google Fit which is an excellent way to keep all my data in one place for easy reference forever. None of it is even close to accurate but all of it is relative and I'm getting a huge kick out of earning these damn dots.

The baseball game is this afternoon instead of this evening.

Tomorrow is my nail appointment. This new manicurist is so great. If my damn nails would quit growing, I'd never have to get another manicure! But, alas, besides the big gap near my cuticles, they nails themselves are getting too long. I do like that I can go 3 weeks, tho. Besides the money savings, it's just a more tolerable experience than having to go every other week.

Oh and the unit across from me is for sale for $465,000. The people bought it 2 years ago as a city house (they live in Tacoma) for $365,000. It is about 200 sq ft bigger than mine and also has 2 terraces (one off the living room and one off the bedroom). But it also has 25 year old carpet and 25 year old appliances. It will be interesting to see how fast and at what price it goes for. (I bought my unit in 1991 for $165,000.)
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