Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No shame

I am a fitness band slut. Whatever it takes to get those damn dots, I will do. I cannot believe it.

This morning, I swam 20 minutes longer than I would have if I were not dot chasing. And that wasn't the sluttiest move of the day!

While I was checking the apps - one for each of the two bands in my own personal Battle Of The Bans - I accidentally erased my swim. OMG! It was on the Shine who's app has a loophole which, under some circumstances, allows you to manually change your results. This is CON in my opinion but does not stop me from exploiting it like I did today.

When you have a recorded activity - lets say light walking for 10 minutes - you can go in and change that to swimming for an hour and 10 minutes which, of course significantly affects your status. BUT you have to have an activity. Which you can't get just doing the dishes.

So after I got home from my swim and grabbed a sandwich, I put my shoes on and walked around the block so I could get an activity created so that I could then go in and edit it to make my swimming nums for the day. Yep. No Shame. Zero.

I just discovered that the new, cheap Mi Band can sync with Google Fit - big bonus.

I'm making a list of the pros and cons of both... I'm going to try to wear both and hold off the final tally until after 7 days of both. But by then, I'll probably be so used to wearing two that I'll be looking for 3. I used to be mesmerized by my aunt's arm full of bangle bracelets when I was little. I'm going to be her but with apps.
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