Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Pitiful when any day in Seattle is looking at +80 degree high temperature as a cool down. ARUGH. But, it looks like their might be a real break this weekend. Fingers are crossed.

I just remembered Comic-Con... I am not a con fan or comic fan but the San Diego run usually signals the airing of my favorite movie of all times - Paul. Sure enough the SyFy channel is giving it an airing on Monday. TiVo alerted.

My fitness bands are within about 15 minutes of each other about how I slept last night. Both think I got a better night's sleep than I think I did. Ha! I'm really interested to see how this $20 band performs for a swim.

Nothing on the agenda today beyond my swim this morning. Maybe laundry. Otherwise, just keeping cool. or trying to.
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