Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Failed the duck test

It didn't walk like a duck, or talk like a duck... but I knew better.

I got ants in my pants and also wanted to see what the new fit band would do so I gathered up my Goodwill stuff and took it down to the car and then walked half way around the block. In the shade there was a nice breeze! And it didn't seem Africa hot. There's a big haze out there so the sun isn't frying stuff...

So I came back up and, at least, was smart enough to check the air quality (good) so WTF... I wanted tomatoes for tonight's salad and some almond cookies and I wanted to battle the fit bands and I wanted to see if the coughing this morning was a one off... so I grabbed my sun hat and sun glasses (just in case) and hit the sidewalk to the Japanese grocery.

Well, the breeze turned out to be a come on. The haze may be masking the sun but not the heat. I did make it all the way, got goods and made it back but 1. except for the seafood aisle, the store wasn't nearly cool enough. I did examine the fish pretty darned closely. 2. even when the sun is not out and the air quality is good and it's 'only' 83 degrees, it is still too hot for me. Next trip by foot ... September.

On the up side:

  • I have almond cookies and tomatoes.

  • The fit bands aren't quit in sync but aren't that far off either.

  • Outside of the heat, I had zero problems walking. Didn't even really have to stop to catch my breath. This last one is pretty major.

I am hot and sweaty and not going anywhere else.

Oh and my replacement swim headphones got here!
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