Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Track Attack

I had another coughing/breathing attack today as I got out of the pool. It wasn't a bad one but it was not that much fun either. I want my new inhaler regime to work. One is a way less dosage (in hopes it will clear up the horrible looking bruising on my hands and arms) and one is just way more convenient to take.

Here's hoping it was a one off and not the start of something... So I built a form to track on my phone. Simple simple. Date, what I was doing when it started, and what I did about it (pill/rescue inhaler/both). The form will toss the results into a spreadsheet for handy dandy tracking.


Amazon is having a big sale on July 15 so today I went went window shopping. My plan is to bulk up my wishlist so that on the 15th, I can have a nice list of stuff I want and an easy way to check and see if they drop the prices enough for me to pull the trigger.


I stopped at MacDonald's this morning to get a breakfast sandwich on my way to drop the bears off and, for the first time, tested out the tap and pay with my phone. 1. WOW, so fast, so easy, made me want to order another one so I could do it again!! 2. It charged it to my discover card which I no longer use.... ooops! glad I found that out with a $2.50 charge and not something bigger. All fixed now.
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