Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I totally made up for Pool #1 closure by swimming an hour and 15 minutes and it was glorious. I listened to some Moth podcast but not the whole time. The warranty replacement of my good earbuds hasn't come in yet and my backups aren't quite up to the podcast task totally.

I made it to the bear adoption agency at the appointed time. And now I'm back in the cool. Starting on the bear for the month.

I got a new fitness band. For no good reason. Except it was $15. It's a Mi Band. The shipping charge is also $15 but I got a free shipping chit so what the hell... It arrived this morning and is charging now. I think it's going to be maybe not worth the $15 but we'll see. The packaging is way fancier than my $75 Misfit Shine so maybe.

We have now broken the record, I believe, for consecutive days of 90 degree weather. This is not a record I was interested in breaking.
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