Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No swim for you!!

Just like every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the alarm went off at 6. I got up, brushed teeth, inhaled my inhalers, got into my swim suit and tossed on my coverup dress and went to the pool. Except the pool was closed. Some kind of electrical problem. The pool will be closed all day and tomorrow's a question mark.

At least it was cool outside! My walk down the hill and back up again to my car was very pleasant. I decided to come home and get coffee and internets before I head over to West Seattle to the pool there. Hallelujah for having such a glorious Plan B. Now lets hope that the LA Fitness pool isn't closed!

Oh shit, I just remembered I told the bear lady that I'd bring the bears over about 10. Ok, I just need to make sure I am out of the pool by about 9:15ish. Ok. I think I'll just go now.
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