Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Chango Planno

The gym has ample, easy, cool under ground parking. I decided to park at the end opposite the elevator doors so my legs would get at least a little stretching to and from. The area where I parked was not dark but when I pulled into a slot, an overhead light came on! I had never seen motion sensor lights in a garage before. Kool.

At the pool there were two people swimming - one in each lane - and a guy in the spa which is at the end, off to the side of the pool. And a woman standing on the edge of the spa screaming at him. Telling him to get the fuck out of the tub. And then she proceeded to repeat that phrase with a rather impressive variation of tones. She had on a then t-shirt that ended just beyond her ass. At one point, while making her point, she lifted her t-shirt (her back was to me) and slapped herself on her totally, absolutely naked butt. It was quite the spectacle.

I got in the pool and swam down to the other end. It was not long before an LA Fitness person arrived on the scene and managed to wrestle the drama club out of the pool area. But, wild.

After a bit, I began to notice that the guy in the lane next to me was doing some underwater laps. 25 yards totally under water stopping for a breath only when he reached the edge. Over and over again. First with fins. He did not use his hands or arms at all. And he rotated his body around like a torpedo. It was fascinating. And impressive. Then he took off the fins and did about 20 lengths or so using his arms.

And, if that wasn't enough... he backstroked to the middle of the pool and then with his body completely flat on his back somehow managed to descend to the pool floor (4.5 ft) and lay on the bottom of the pool using only hand movements to keep himself from floating up. And he stayed there for a really long time. It was quite the show.

Fortunately, he left shortly after that cause I was finding it hard to concentrate on my own swimming!!

After my shower, I went right to the brunch place but there was a festival going on nearby and parking was tight. I finally found a spot about a half mile away and walked to the restaurant to learn that they had no tables for another hour and a half. Did I want to sit at the bar. No thanks, your air conditioning is cool enough. I walked back to my car and drove to Trader Joes.

Their air conditioned was spot on. So I bought too much food. Turns out the shrimp things (I think they are called shrimp nuggets) were supremely easy to fix right from the freezer (so no waiting for them to thaw) and delicious! So I got more. And iceberg lettuce which I think will be at every meal under it gets cold. And watermelon juice which just looked good.

By the time I got home it was more lunch time than breakfast time so I had me some. And now I'm chillin' in front of the air conditioner which is where I will be until bedtime.
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