Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's hot

A few years ago, a couple from Texas rented a condo down the hall. They moved in during Christmas holidays. They were nice enough but clearly out of their element in Seattle. They were really looking forward to NOT being in Texas in Summer.

Back when they blew up the Kingdome and built Century Link Field, the developers gave each unit in this building something like $3,000.00 to compensate us for the soon to come noise and dust that deconstruction and construction would bring. They also cut a deal with an air conditioning company to come in and air condition each unit for ... $3,000.00. I don't know how many actually had the air conditioning installed but some did. I didn't. (The units were ugly and required a loud, large compressor on our already small terraces. I bought a roller unit that I hide away in winter. The first one cost me $600 and I have since gotten a new one every 5 years or so each for about $350.)

So... some of the units are air conditioned and some not. The one that the couple from Texas rented was not but, as they said to me, this is NOT Texas and so... not hot. Come Summer they learned that, actually, this is NOT Texas. In Texas central air conditioning is the default. In Seattle, it clearly is NOT. They had about 5 floor fans and kept their front door and terrace doors open all the time and still worked up a massive sweat constantly and vehemently bitching about it all. They moved out the next Christmas. I wonder if they went back to Texas?

My condo is comfortable but outside my condo - the hallway, the elevator, the lobby, the city... all just hot. At least my car, in the basement below ground level, isn't. So I can get in it, crank up its AC and not be uncomfortable.

Yesterday, I came home from the pool and left the living room only to pee every once in awhile. I am not adverse to being in doors and I love my condo and have been known to happily spend days in here without going out (before I got addicted to swimming). BUT, when going out is massively uncomfortable I really feel trapped. I almost get cabin fever. Especially when I look at the forecast and realize it ain't going to get any better at least for 10 days and probably more.

I think this morning I will make a better effort to find breakfast after swimming. There's a place not terribly far from the pool that I'm pretty sure is air conditioned and I can find parking. So... That's the plan. Swim. and brunch before home and baseball.
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