Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

July 4th

I woke up this morning kind of bummed about another day of Africa hot weather and then listened to the news and remembered that at least it's not muggy and I do have my air conditioner and it could be worse and it will get cooler and even though it's an holiday, I have a pool to swim in.

So... bummed no more. My foot is way better. It's still a little swollen and a little uncomfortable but it did not wake me up once last night and I can walk without limping. So... whew and yeah.

Also... turns out transmitter#3 is a winner. (Also it's the cheapest by half of the 3!) I paired it up last night with my headphones and used it until I went to bed. I put the headphones on the charger and went to bed. This morning I turned on the TV and turned on the headphones and BAM! automatic audio from the TV - automagic!

I currently have 4 items, to the tune of $118, on their way to Amazon Returns. I fully expect a WTF Lady??!! letter from them. But, I think we're all set up at this point.

So today I will go swimming and watch the ballgame this afternoon while trying to stay cool. That's it for the plans.
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