Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My foot is way better. It still hurts when I walk on it but not nearly as much and it doesn't hurt at all when I'm not walking on it. I think this episode may not be the fatal one. Whew.

I got frisky and took the car to the grocery store. I did not have enough ice cream to get through the weekend which would have been hard but not undoable. But, then, I realized I didn't have enough bagels either. So... to the store I went.

I went up to the Beacon Hill Red Apple which is a little market nto too far from here. I used to shop there all the time. It's handy and cute and they have a very surprising selection of merchandise from such a small store. Plus, there's a library branch a block away. I'd forgotten what a nice place it is. It was fun to see the same cashiers still there.

Transmitter #3 arrived and is in play. And... so far, so good. The test will be a full 24 hours. Fingers are crossed.

I also got my new inhaler. It's the same as one I have been using for years but half the dose. I have enough of the old one. I think I'm going to alternate them for a few days if only to ease the transition psychologically. I want this to work.

My thermostat says that it is 88 degrees on my terrace (which is now, and has been for a few hours, in the shade). It also says that inside it is 75 degrees and I am so very grateful. Between the heat and my hurt-y foot, there will be no 20 minute walk today. I do think, maybe, I'll go down and get the mail.
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