Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My foot woke me up about 5 am saying OUCH!!! I thought it was a cramp but then figured out it wasn't when I moved it around and got a cramp. DOUBLE OUCH. Then I woke up enough to realize it felt like gout but it wasn't in the usual gout-y place. I got up and downed a magic gout pill and did get a little more sleep.

Walking isn't that much fun but swimming was fine as long as I didn't push off with hurty foot. It's very weird. Gout usually lands in the joint of my big toe and it gets all swollen, red and hot. This feels like Gout but doesn't look like it. Hopefully, the gout pills will chase it away soon. And there is nowhere I absolutely have to go so I can baby it until it gets better. And who took the ice pack thing out of the freezer??? And where did they put it? Grrrrr.
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