Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm pretty unpairable, I think

I really never paired well with people so I should not be surprised that I can't pair with technology either... Today's frustration.

My TV set up bluetooth transmitter from TV paired with bluetooth headset. When it works, it's glorious. But...

The first transmitter I tried had a sleep function. When it fell asleep, I had to manually hit the on button. Not what I wanted. I want to turn on the TV, turn on the headphones and get sound. I don't want to turn on a transmitter which should not be sleeping.

So. I got a transmitter which does not go to sleep. Fixed! Right? Not so fast... 1. The transmitter is a bitch to pair. And, I mean a bitch. 2. While it does, in fact, no sleep, when the headset is turned off or charging, the pairing is lost and 1. It is a fucking bitch to pair. It has great range, though so I'm sad to be sending it back.

Tomorrow Amazon will be delivering Transmitter #3 which promises to not sleep and pair easily and not lose pairing. But this time, my expectations are low... really low.


There's a restaurant/bar across the street that has really delicious hamburgers and fries and other tasty things. It's a loud place that caters to macho men in their 20's and their chicks... but those burgers are so good and the frites are just excellent. I've tried calling in an order and picking it up. They just aren't set up for that.

So tonight I tried walking over and sitting at the bar and ordering to go. The bartender got me water and my order and then went back to school or on vacation or something.

He finally came back and handed me a check and told me the food would be here soon. I got my $20 bill out and, sure enough, he came back with my food and took my $20 and then disappeared again. 2 more innings. I can see the cash register. He ain't at it.

The bill was $15.25. He finally comes back with 5 ones and 75 cents in coins. What a freakin optimist. He got the $.75 and I got the hint... they don't do old ladies or take out. Noted.
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