Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I give up

I have now, or rather, once again, abandoned my abandoning of the swimming iPod Shuffle. I gave it up because I so hate iTunes. I cannot make it work the way I think it should and I have no clue how it thinks I should work it. It's a bloody battle every time.

But, for swimming, there is nothing better than that silly little Shuffle. I have recently tried two. Charging both and getting music onto them was blessedly simple and easy peasy from my Chromebook. But... one of them is bulky and big(ish) and does not shuffle music and has a very finicky pause button. (Being able to have a quick convo with other swimmers is pretty critical and breaking the suction on your earbuds is not the way to go so having a pause button matters.) The second one has a great pause button and a shuffle option and broke completely after 2.05 swims. Sigh.

Using the iPod Shuffle is wonderful. It's fast, and responsive, tells me who's singing that song, has a great pause button and is small and easy. Getting music on and off of it is a major PIA.

iTunes wanted an update that required a reboot that required a hardware reboot... (and this is the case nearly every time). So it is 25-30 minutes between the time I sit down to update the Shuffle's content and the time the 5 minute operation is done. GRRRRRRR

Happily today I had my Shuffle with me so when the other player died, it just meant a quick swap. I finally figure out that I can use my Misfit Shine to tell me when I have done a mile. No more clock watching or lane counting! The shine is only a disc with lights around the perimeter. Mine is set for 1800 points. When I get to 1800 points all lights light up.

A mile, in the pool, is 2 lights before I sync it with my phone. So, when I get in the pool, there is usually 1 light. If I swim until there are 3 lights, I've done at least a mile. Then when I sync with my phone (which tells it I was swimming and not walking slowly down the street the whole time) the 3 lights turn into 8 or 9. When all 12 are lit, I've hit my goal of 1800.

But the main takeaway from this very confusing explanation is 3 lights means I've swum my mile. Cool.

Now I've had my iTunes fight, packaged up 3 returns to Amazon and taken them to the UPS store. I may have one more. The bluetooth transmitter I got originally does not turn on automatically or stay on. So I'm swapping out for one that does. But I don't want to send this one back until I'm sure the replacement works. The mail man is bringing the replacement and should be here any minute.
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