Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Early paycheck

Social Security dropped my $$ a day early! Thanks, feds. And the bear lady is taking tomorrow off so the normal 1st Friday bear delivery will be Monday. Normall, I'm not a fan of holidays but July 4th has a lot going for it this year. Now I have a pool where I can swim on holidays and this year I noticed that traffic got a lot lighter earlier this week. Little benes. I'll take 'em.

Today, I'm off to said pool first.  Then I think I'll swing by the UPS store up the street from the pool. I had two boxes in the UPS OUT bin yesterday - returns to Amazon.  The UPS guy ignored them.  So I'll just deliver.

I think that's the only errand on my list.  I don't really have any shopping to do but I might just run out to somewhere later today to stretch my legs in air conditioned comfort. Or maybe not.

I think part of the problem with the heat is that looking out 10 days, there is pecious little relief. It's probably good that none of my apps look out any further than 10 days because probably it does not get any better much before September. And any time TV or radio is interupted for local anything, they spend 90% of that time bitching about the heat which does not make it better.

I am very grateful that the exercise I love involves no sweating and that even though it's loud and annoying and costing me an arm and a leg in electric bills and doesn't even cool the whole condo, I at least have an air conditioner 
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