Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So far, I have:

  • written to the earbuds people about the failure, gotten a response back saying to send them the broken set and then the tracking number.

  • gone to the post office... in the heat...

  • stopped at the ATM on the way back - 2 errands 1 trip.

  • I cut down the new swim bag so that it's now half the size and the backpack straps are positioned so shit doesn't fall out. I need to carry it a couple of days until victory is totally mine but I am hopeful!!

  • Put the DVD player and remote on the Free Shelf in the garage.

  • Cleaned up the kitchen, sewing area.

  • Repacked my new swim bag.

And it's only just now noon!!

Time for lunch.

I love my sewing machine set up - big jobs or small are just a piece of cake now.
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