Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Adventures in spending...

Zoey is being weird again. At 4 am there was something she was desperately trying to tell me. Walking all over my face, knocking stuff off the nightstand and meowing like crazy. I thought Timmy had fallen into the well. No clue what that was all about but she repeated the scene again at 5:30. Now she's stuck to me like glue. Take off that damn fur coat if you want to snuggle today, kiddo, it's too fucking hot.

Amazon Prime Members (at least in the U.S.) get to pick one free book every months from a curated set of 4. Usually they are all fiction and one is a romance, one is a mystery, and the other two are pot luck. Most months I can find one that sounds interesting, some months not. This month there are two ... It's a fun thing to look forward to at the 1st of the month. Amazon Prime just gives and gives and gives.

But, my earbuds for swimming do not. Sadly, they are failing. I thought there was a problem yesterday but I was also trying out a new player so I blamed the player. Dear player, I am sorry. You were innocent and I know that now. This morning, there was static unless I held one of the wires just so. Holding a wire just so and swimming laps do not go together all that well.

Fortunately, I had a backup set of headphones. Unfortunately, I had never tested them before. They have this over the ear piece that actually prevents them from working well. I managed to get that piece out of the way finally but I killed 15 minutes of swim time fucking with it all. So I just stayed in the pool and swam 15 minutes past my usual out time. Take that, hardware problems!!

The failing headset is 8 months into a 12 month warranty and the company that makes them - Underwater Audio is a nice little outfit in Oregon with exceptional service so I'm sure all will be fine.

Not so fine, however, is the new Speedo swim bag I got. It's just too big and bulky and heavy. By the time I get my swim stuff in there, I need to add wheels to it. Oh well. It was only $20 and will probably cost me $5 to return it to Amazon. I might just see if I can cut it down and/or in some other way adapt it to what I need. It's a great color with very useful pockets...

The baseball game is at noon:30 today which is nice.
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