Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Clean up....

I like the look of my TV set up without that giant ugly sound bar so much that I kept going. Tonight I decommissioned the DVD player.  Finding the remote was non-trivial. But, I did find it. Down to the Free Shelf tomorrow. The bedroom TV has a DVD player built into it and there's always the Windows computer if I come up on a critical DVD playing need.

Now the TV area looks so much tidier and nice.

The line of sight problem with TV Ears is nowhere to be found with the bluetooth setup. I can hear the ball game clearly all over the house - almost to the front door.  I had some interference problems but I found an aux extension cable in my Hardware Stash® and moved it from behind the TV to the front. Fixed the problem perfectly.

One disconcerting issue with the set up is that I can now hear the background sound in TV shows that I'm not at all used to hearing. Watching a cop show this evening and while two cops were talking in the breakroom, I could clearly hear the newscast on the TV behind them. I've never heard that kind of detail before. Weird. A couple of times I have hit pause to see if the noise was part of the show or something going haywire in my living room. Part of the program each time.

It's like when I got my cataracts removed and spent the first couple of weeks totally distracted by the clarity of detail that I had never seen before in the smallest, silliest things.
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