Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mrs. Kravitz* again... at your service

So. There is a couple who live down the hall. Let's call them Jim and Jane. They have lived here at least a couple of decades. They are Boeing lifers. They have no children. They have birds. He has hair that would hang down past his ass if he ever undid the braid. She has hair that hangs just past her ears. They each have a white VW Beetle.

About a decade ago, they got email and we had a good reason to exchange email addresses but then she started sending me those stupid jokes, chain emails and crap like that. I spent a long time crafting a request as sweet and nice as I possible could asking to FORTHELOVEOFGOD...STOP! She took great offense and spent many years not even saying 'hi' in the elevator.

I worked on both of them slowly but surely. And now they even showed me their new Withings watches a few months ago. One morning last year, he and I met at the elevator when I was on my way to the pool at 6:15am and I asked if Jane was ok. He allowed as how Jane had retired after 30 years because 'her retirement pay was better than her work pay.' Gotta love Boeing.

Anywhoooo. For the past maybe 6 months, nearly every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday I either run into them at the elevator or see them walking down the street at 6:15 am on their way to Starbucks. They take their own cups, of course. Every single morning. He then goes off to work and she retires, I guess.

I have wondered more than once - especially when it's pitch black out and freezing fucking cold, why they don't just buy a coffee maker... Seems like it would be oh so much more comfortable and easier not to mention cheaper.

WELL... when we get packages the delivery services put them all into out package closet in the garage for us to pick up when we like. Today when I went to pick mine up, I saw there was a large one for Jane and Jim... from Keurig... announcing on the outside that it was their monthly shipment of Vue Pods.

So they do have a coffee maker and just like to go buy Starbucks. Wild.


Plan B looks like the plan for TV sound. I'm holding off declaring total victory until tomorrow to ensure that after a 'sleep' it comes up automatically when I connect.

But, the TV Ears are now down in the UPS Out box on their way back to Amazon along with the analog to digital converter that I would have had to insert in order to use them on things other than TiVo connected to my TV.

I thing the better solution is:

A bluetooth transmitter plugged into the audio out jack on the TV paired with a very comfortable bluetooth headphone. I can hear TV, TiVo, FireTV, Roku and Chromecast. Nicely. Comfortably. I can use both earbuds if I want to block out everything and one if I want to catch some ambient noise for any reason.

If the setup does not work tomorrow morning, I think I'll look at variations of the transmitter but I also think it will work.


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