Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Refresh, refresh, refresh

I'm wearing out the refresh key on my browser in hopes that I can get UPS to change from On Vehicle for Delivery Today to Delivered. Yesterday they delivered about noon. It's currently noon:30. Refresh, Refresh, Refresh...

I remembered that I bought some crackers at Trader Joes that were just not delicious so I took them with the rock hard bagels in a bag up to the customer service counter and said "I do not have any receipt and don't even have the box that the crackers came in so I'm not expecting a receipt but here's my feedback..." The nice lady listened and asked me if I'd like my money back and I said sure and she gave me $6.50. Nice. Very nice.

I did not get a haircut. I decided that I could put it off a while longer if I combed my hair a little differently. Do not call me The Donald.

I sliced into my finger the other day with my hack saw. Not badly but swimming isn't helping it heal and it's just in a place that makes it very annoying.

Refresh, refresh, refresh
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