Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Almost Fall?

Before LA Fitness opened in West Seattle, I did most all my swimming at city pools. I bought a $45 pass (senior rate) every month for all the swimming I could eat. But, now, I really only swim in city pools 3 days a week. I can buy 10 swims for $33.50. My regular city pool will be closed the last two weeks in August for maintenance. My current monthly pass expires this Sunday. Sooooooo... I was trying to figure out the smartest way to buy city swims next time. Turns out buying two 10s will get me to Labor Day... squirrel!!

Could we be that close to the end of this hot weather???  Since it's actually not July yet, it seems like the hot will last forever.  Now I think rather than get bummed about it, I'll just focus on it by swimming days. There are only 20 city pool swims until cool weather. (Yeah, I do understand the flaw but I'm desperate here.)

I'm very delighted to have a way to clearly hear the TV. Last night I gave it the ultimate test it - a new (to me) British drama. It's always difficult for me to dig through the accents and unfamiliar idioms to follow the story. Being able to clearly hear the words made it a piece o' cake.  (Scott&Bailey which was really good, by the way.)

This is kind of like the sewing table. A completely unexpected happening leads me to find a fabulous solution to a problem I had not even considered solutionable. (hahahha - your can retire the girl from the corporation but you can't carve corporate speak out of the girl!) I am now delighted that my neighbor complained about my TV noise!!

Now that the concept has been proven, I need to hone in on the best execution.

I think that Walgreens mail order has my new drugs all sorted. I take 3 prescription pills every day and use two inhalers. It's much more handy to get 3 months worth at a time in the mail, then trot into the pharmacy every month. Walgreens is great about sending once you get it all set up but setting it up is a major PIA. It's not all Walgreens fault. Between governmental rules and regulations and insurance rules and regulations, it's kind of a miracle, I ever get any drug at all! I can follow online but they have to get my voice approval over the phone every time in a phone call for every drug. Their website is kind of wonky. The two inhalers retail for $800 and $900 each. And, until they ship, that's the price their website says I have to pay. But, once they ship, the charge to me is $3.60. A bit of a diff.

Both inhalers got replaced this time which is a double dose of crazy. One has already been shipped and the other is showing on their website but can't be shipped for another 10 days (insurance rule). So it's still showing $700 but when they called the service rep assured me the price would be $3.60. I think it's clear sailing. Whew.

Swimming this morning. There may be a haircut after.
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