Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the ear is here

So after all my research and testing and thinking and stewing, the damn thing only appears to work when plugged into my TiVo. Whatever.


It comes semi charged so at least you can try it out. The booklet says it has 10 mins worth of charge in it. So play fast and then don't for at least an hour.

It does work. The TV is on mute and I'm hearing the sound just fine and dandy. Every single frickin' word which is amazingly coolio.


The headpiece should not weigh so much. Because it weighs so much, the ear bits have to made to dig into your head. I think it is not going to be comfortable to wear very long. Maybe past the first commercial. Lots of reviews citing broken head pieces so I'm guessing there ain't no give in them, thar ears.

You have to have direct line of sight from the ears to their home station. I mean direct. Not off an inch vertically or horizontally or all you get is static. Dead straight on. You can't even move the bow to the back so that it rests on your neck... line of sight.

It comes with flimsy foam ear pieces and no replacements. I have a house full of rubber earbuds so I'm sure I can find better ones without even leaving this room but still.

Edit: The posts are too small for any other earbuds so you are stuck with their gross foam ones and buying more is $10 + shipping. This is not looking good.

I had already figured out how that a better way might be a bluetooth transmitter with a regular bluetooth headset. And, they arrive tomorrow. We're going to have a little bake off. If I had to guess right now, based on headset comfort alone, I think the TV Ears are going back to Amazon.
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