Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Win win for bro - lose big for moi

My brother is always looking for a creative outlet of some kind. He's tried pottery and found a good studio but it's really too far away to work regularly. But, he's always looking for something he can dig his creative brain into.

He is exceedingly close to his niece - by marriage. Amy worked for him for years and they are really two peas in a pod. Didn't hurt that Amy's blood family and the family of her partner are now very welcoming of their lesbian coupling. So she has always turned to him for support, too. She and Jackie have been talking about marriage for a while now. But, they live in Texas.

Now they have set a date. September. And Bill has a project. He's going to get a copy of the Supreme Court decision and bind it into a proper book with a cover of the White House rainbow lights and mount it in a shadowbox for them. I love that.

I do not love the stock market today. I lost $12,000. Which is a serious chunk o' my change. Fuck Greece.
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