Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's the obvious, stupid

Every time I figure out something that turns out to be a DOH! I remember all the other times that the answer to a truly puzzling puzzle has turned out to be obvious. And there are lots and lots.

Samsung has nothing in it's giant array of ports on the back of my TV that is labeled 'headphones'. Nor does a search through it's giant user operations manual on the term 'headphones' or 'earbuds'turn up a single damn thing.

This morning, I completely dismantled the soundbar and took it down to the free shelf. (yeah I toyed with trying to sell it but the idea of wrapping up that fat, heavy, way too long thing for shipping said no.) And then I got my earbuds and started sticking that prong into holes. And then I realized the error of my ways.

I tried this last night and couldn't find a hole that worked ... because I had the sound turned up! It worked, I just couldn't hear it. DOH!

So now I have some more options, the simplest of which is headphones with a really long cord! Not elegant but totally doable for the 2 more months of air conditioning. Assuming, as I obviously am, that the TV Ears are going to be a bust.

And, finally, now I can quit obsessing over this whole thing.
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