Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday, Monday

The neighbor noise issue really got to me. I hate the idea of fucking with my neighbor (exacerbated by how much it would piss me off if the tables were turned - since they have been turned and it was annoying). Plus it provides a non-trivial technical puzzle to solve. The back of my TV has about 98,973 different kinds of ports. I use 1 usb, 3 HDMI's and a bundle of RCA's for the DVD player I never use.

My knowledge and comfort level of all these inputs and outputs is minimal. Really. Especially when it comes to audio. And is further flummoxed by digital vs. analog. I totally get that I can hear my phone until I plug the headphone hole up and then I need to use the headphone. There's no headphone jack on the TV plus, ideally, I need the TV volume to work in addition to the TV ears (so I don't have to plug and unplug to switch between). I spent most of last night studying the manuals and scouring the internets for clues.

I got some of it figured out before I went to bed but then spent a very restless night chewing on the problem. I kept waking up and thinking of new issues and remembering old solutions. I remembered some wireless TV speakers I had once. I don't have them any more but I remember their being easy to set up. So that led to a viable Plan B. If the TV ears don't work, this one might be my next try.

One of the very many perks of being retired is that you can have a shit night's sleep and it's doesn't matter. I can sleep today or go to bed early tonight if I get too tired and sleepy. It's a luxury that really is amazing.

And, speaking of amazing, outside the pool this morning, parked in the now blocked to all traffic for roadwork lane - which is really a major PIA since it blocks entrance to the pool, was a fucking BOAT!


I am constantly buying things at Trader Joes that just don't cut it. Like the stale bagels I bought yesterday. I don't keep receipts and tell myself that the $3.50 or whatever isn't worth the effort even though Trader Joes is purported to have a very liberal return policy. I think I might just give it a try with these bagels. They aren't green and furry but they have not been eatable for several weeks. At least they are a Trader Joes brand so it's not like I am trying to pass off Safeway bagels. I'll maybe return them tomorrow.

There is really nothing big on the agenda today. The TV Ears probably won't be here until late this afternoon. I could put yesterday's laundry away...
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