Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just went to the other end of the house to put the wash into the dryer and there was a note tucked in my door. It was a really nicely written note from my neighbor next door saying that the noise from my house was bleeding into theirs. ARUGH.

It's the TV, of course, and I think I may have turned it up without realizing it so I could hear over the air conditioner which means... I have a new Summer problem.

I wrote him back instantly and told him to please let me know right away - text/phone/note - if it wasn't totally gone.

I have heard stuff from his unit from years. Except for a couple of years, it has been a rental unit. There were The Bickersons. Those people bickered constantly peppered with massive screaming matches. I always hoped they would kill each other but finally they moved which was fine, too. Then there were the bird people. LOUD birds. And, apparently, other animals who used the carpet for a toilet. When the new guy bought it, he said it was amazingly disgusting. He lived there for several years until he fell in love with a girl in Arizona where he lives now and rents the place.

When these people first moved in, I could hear the base of their music. A lot. I wrote a note and left it in their door and I have rarely heard it since. It's been a couple of years now.

I unplugged the sound bar which, I suspect is the culprit and I've never been overly impressed with it anyway. And I ordered TV Ears. I doubt they will work BUT Amazon will deliver them tomorrow and I can try them. If they do work, great. If they don't, back they go. I really don't want cans... but I'll find something. My hearing is going anyway so I might as well bite the bullet and get something that will enable me to hear the TV and make my neighbors happy.
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