Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Relief... a little

Clouds have rolled in and sent the sun packing so, while it's hot out, it's not Africa hot which would make going to the Pride Parade almost doable except that our local CBS affiliate is streaming it live so... I can sit here, in front of the air conditioner and watch it live while I watch the baseball game. Win win win win

I had a fabulous swim this morning. Being able to have a stressless swim on Sunday mornings is just amazing. I tried some more water fast walking and it's still a struggle but maybe if I keep at it, my legs will reward me. I then whipped through Trader Joe's trying not to buy anything that wasn't on the list because I was starving and every single thing - even the vegetables - looked delicious. I thought about stopping somewhere for breakfast but then remembered the biscuits in the freezer.

On the way home, a dozen women on huge motorcycles peeled out of Krispy Kreme and headed, in formation, towards downtown. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing they were part of Dykes on Bikes who would be just in time to lead the parade as they always do.

Now breakfast is done but the kitchen needs to be cleaned up, the laundry started and the recycling taken downstairs. And the parade starts in 10 mins! Yikes.

And, by the way, lookfar, the biscuits came out of the freezer, were reheated and were every bit as delicious as they were yesterday. I think I'm going to have to stop into that cafe periodically and stock up. So yummy.

My goddamn hair needs cut again. Not so much cut as trimmed. I'm looking like I have no mirrors in my house. At least my haircutter has a shop just down from the LA Fitness pool. Maybe Tuesday after my swim.
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