Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cowboy Boot Invastion

I knew there was no Mariner game here today or Sounders. I had totally forgotten about Kenny. Kenny Chesney is filling up the football stadium with country music tonight. And as I drove to the pool a little before 8, his fans had already started arriving and setting up camp. I was amused to see, as I came home, that the parking lots were charging more than they do for Seahawks games. And they were filling up fast. I guess $40 for what is basically a campsite, a mile away from the stadium is not so bad when you've got 20 people and are spending the day there.

Those people are going to be fried fritters if they live long enough for the concert to start at 5 this evening. Whew.

I had a great swim. A guy in one of the other lanes was walking the lane some and swimming some and I got to thinking about that... just walking slowly doesn't seem like much but... I got vertical and walked fast and it was cool! It was exhausting. I had to swim a few laps to recover. I think I may be on to something. I mostly swam but did some running laps, too for about an hour and 15 minutes. They were having their Grand Opening Open House today and had the joint all ballooned up. I was gone before it started. I hope they didn't recruit too many swimmers.

Then I went on to a new (to me) breakfast place. Fiddle Heads - down the street from the gym. It turned out to be weird place. Weird menu, weird process... You sign in and wait and then they call your name and you go up and order your breakfast and pay for it and get a number. Then you step into the dining room where you get your own water, coffee, silverware, napkin and find a table. It is a very slow and strange deal. I started to bail several times but it was air conditioned so I stayed. I only found one thing on the menu that sounded good and I ordered it - scrambled eggs, bacon and a biscuit.

The scrambled eggs were better than most as was the bacon. BUT... the biscuit was exquisite. Perfectly buttery crisp on the outside and tender, moist and delicious on the inside. It was the most amazing biscuit I've had in decades. I bought 3 more on the way out and they are currently holed up in my freezer.

Then I went to Target and Big 5 Sports and Barnes and Noble. I walked and walked and dodged kids and got a couple of things and did not get some stuff I couldn't find and then walked back to the car and came on home. I sync'd up my fitness band and I kissing distance from my goal so I'm taking the rest of the day off. Plus, it's too hot now to even walk the hallways. But, my air conditioner is making life lovely and I'm so grateful for it.
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