Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My condo is a modified loft. There is about a 3/4ths wall separating the bedroom from the living room/kitchen. The air conditioner is in the living room (the only room with the required way to vent to the outside). So the air in the bedroom is only partially cooled. I have a ceiling fan over my bed. But, last night even with the air conditioner and the ceiling fan, it was too hot. Finally, to get to sleep, I misted myself like you would a fern. It worked pretty well.

I do have an airbed I can blow up for sleeping in the living room in chilled air, if it gets too bad. And it might.

The 10 day forecast shows a few days with highs in the 80's and then nearly a week with highs in the 90's. Many (maybe most) people here have no air conditioning. I cannot imagine how they are going to make it through this Summer.

This morning, after my swim, I think I'll go find some breakfast and then run a couple of errands. I think I'll find a large store or two to get some walking done in air conditioned comfort.

I walked over to the teryiaki place yesterday and even walking in the shade didn't work. Too hot. Walking outside is not going to be an option for a while. No biggie. My preferred venue is always inside anyway.
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